fire hydrant

Do you have a water hydrant in your front yard, or next to your property line? If so, do you make sure to take good care of it? That is the lifeline firefighters need to fight off a fire in your neighborhood at any of the nearby homes, perhaps even your own. Taking care of the water hydrant means making sure that it is always accessible. It only takes a few minutes, but those few minutes could become the difference between someone living or dying in a house fire.

How You Can Help Clear Hydrants

Maintaining a fire hydrant takes a bit of time and effort, but not much. Each time it snows, you already have to go out and clean off your vehicles, driveway, and sidewalks. If you take an extra few minutes and clean off your fire hydrant, it helps should a fire arise nearby. It would be ideal if everyone could go out and shovel out the entire area around the fire hydrant closest to them. However, even cleaning the top off to where it can be easily seen makes a significant difference.

Why This Public Service is So Important

By simply keeping the area around a fire hydrant clear, you allow firefighters to more efficiently do their job. This could help save the home, or more importantly, the life of someone you are close to. Always keep track of where fire hydrants are and do your best to keep the area around it clean. Snow and ice can build up and cause the hydrant to freeze up when it is needed most. Ideally, the hydrant should have about three feet of clearance in all directions so the hoses can get connected without any delays. If the hydrant is in the yard of an elderly or disabled neighbor, please don’t hesitate to help.

every second counts clear hydrant

Valuable time gets lost if firefighters have to search through snowbanks to look for the hydrant, which could prove costly when it comes to fighting the fire. It only takes a few minutes, but it could be what proves to be the difference between a positive outcome, and one that isn’t quite so pleasant.